Short Film, Video Installation, 2019
Director: Abdullah Qureshi
Producer: Danai Anagnostou

An immersive visual experience that presents speculative imaginations of what heaven could look like from a queer Muslim perspective. Drawing upon ideas from Islamic sacred texts, the film responds to the perceived conflict between religion and sexuality, and embarks on a quest toward freedom, celebration, and ultimate salvation. The film is centered around the figure of the Buraq, appearing in three incarnations.

Premiere: Helsinki, 12.09.2019
Supported by Kone Foundation, AVEK, Aalto University of Arts, PUBLICS, Centre for Arts, Design & Social Research

Format: 16:9
Length: 17 min.
Language: Punjabi
Countries of Production: Finland, Pakistan

Directors of Photography: Hadi Rehman & Kerttu Hakkarainen
Editor: Tamara Al - Mashook
Colorist: Hannu Käki
Costume Designer: Umair Sajid
Music Composers: Zān & Rakae Jamil
Sound Designer: Lou Strömberg
Poetry by: Momina Masood & Naveed Alam
Principal Cast: Maya Ajami, Arbaqan Changezi, Rehan Bashir