Elena Näsänen films the second sequence of Darkness

The South was filmed in December 2019 in Blanca, Murcia Spain, at the AADK residence.

The South is a poetic video which follows a dark haired, thirty-year-old woman wandering a dry deserted farmland, searching for signs of water in vain. The film deals with rural change and the impoverishment of farmland through the relationship of the main figure and her surroundings.

The south is the second instalment of the fictional four-channel video installation called The Darkness Project. The Darkness Project arises questions on the existential emptiness and horror caused by climate change. The story focuses on teh rapid destruction of the environment and the problems following it, such as climate refugees.

Director, Scriptwriter: Elena Näsänen
Producer: Danai Anagnostou
Director of Photography: Jussi Eerola
Assistant Camera: Francois Benet
Sound Designer: Anne Tolkkinen
Actress: Ella Mettänen