Kenno Filmi x Society of Cinema: Inaugural Filmmaking Workshop with Liene Linde

The first session of Kenno Filmi’s Public Program in collaboration with the Museum of Impossible Forms launched on 12.02.2020. 

A total of 13 participants joined our first guest Liene Linde, a filmmaker and educator, for the day long workshop. Liene gave a public talk, screened several of her short films, and assigned an exercise to the participants where each made a one-shot short film which visual expressed an emotionally impactful moment from their lives.

The exercise illustrated one of her personal filmmaking principles of honesty in filmmaking: 

“One of the biggest struggles that I have experienced since I ventured into film directing 12 years ago has been the elusive concept of ‘truth’. As an artist, I believe it is my duty to speak the truth even if no one else would, and shine some light on different aspects of reality that would otherwise stay hidden.”The films were then screened and discussed.

The films were then screened and discussed.

Kenno Filmi and the Museum of Impossible Forms would like to thank Liene Linde and all the participants for making an insightful and inspiring session possible.