A kind-hearted middle-aged truck driver and his teenage daughter navigate rural life in 1960s Finland, in service of the local community. While helping an impoverished family, they witness the death of a child. Decades later, the reappearance of the once-deceased child in a hospital brings the past into the present and sets the stage for an exploration of life and its intricate complexities.




Swedish, Finnish, Arabic, English, Farsi

Sawandi Groskind

Danai Anagnostou

Karl Henrik Edlund

Anders Härmälä, Diouma Konate, Vivan Groskind

Kim Ekberg, Sawandi Groskind

Maria Rosenqvist


Kehittämö (Development Grant), AVEK, The Promotion Center of Audiovisual Culture/ The Finnish Cultural Foundation

Farbod Fakharzadeh

2023 Kehittämö Talent Development Lab
2024 CineMart, International Film Festival Rotterdam